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What is the Animal Liberation Front?

alf - What is the Animal Liberation Front?

Si parla molto e molto a sproposito di liberazione animale e dell’ Animal Liberation Front, di seguito alcune informazioni dalla rete che chiunque può reperire, ma che è sempre bene ribadire.

Da: Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Animal Liberation Front?

The Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) carries out direct action against animal abuse in the form of rescuing animals and causing financial loss to animal exploiters, usually through the damage and destruction of property.

The A.L.F.’s short-term aim is to save as many animals as possible and directly disrupt the practice of animal abuse. Their long term aim is to end all animal suffering by forcing animal abuse companies out of business.

It is a non-violent campaign, activists taking all precautions not to harm any animal (human or otherwise).

Because A.L.F. actions are against the law, activists work anonymously, either in small groups or individually, and do not have any centralized organization or co-ordination.

The Animal Liberation Front consists of small autonomous groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to the A.L.F. guidelines. Any group of people who are vegetarians or vegans and who carry out actions according to A.L.F. guidelines have the right to regard themselves as part of the A.L.F.

The A.L.F. guidelines are:

TO liberate animals from places of abuse, i.e. laboratories, factory farms, fur farms, etc., and place them in good homes where they may live out their natural lives, free from suffering.
TO inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals.
TO reveal the horror and atrocities committed against animals behind locked doors, by performing non-violent direct actions and liberations.
TO take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and non-human.


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